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Stepler Piles

Stepler Piles

What Is It ?

Piles are one of the most painful and most common anal disorders. Piles are also known as Hemorrhoids, it is the collection of swollen tissues and veins inside or outside the anus. It mainly occurs due to chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, and pregnancy, lifting heavy objects and straining during passing stool. Timely treatment is essential to cure piles otherwise it can cause serious conditions in the future such as infection, extreme anal bleeding, fecal incontinence and anal fistula. Piles affect daily activities and quality of life. Various surgical treatment options are available to cure piles. Stapler Piles Surgery is a very advanced and popular treatment option to cure Piles because it is a minimally invasive and painless surgery. Many doctors prefer Stapler surgery to cure piles as this is the most advanced surgical procedure than traditional surgery. Stapler Piles Surgery is also called as a Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy and mainly perforsatkarpro for the treatment of third and forth degree Hemorrhoids.

Stapler Piles Surgery Procedure

1) In Stapler Piles Surgery or Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy surgery Piles (hemorrhoids) removed and a part of anorectum is stapled. This surgery is perforsatkarpro under general anesthetic and takes around 30 minutes.

2) In this procedure, a circular hollow tube is inserted into the anal canal. A woven long thread (suture) is placed circumferentially within the anal canal and above the internal hemorrhoids through this tube.

3) Stapler is a disposable instrument with a circular stapling device attached at the end. It is placed through the hollow tube and and ends of the thread are pulled.

4) Doctor drags the suture which pulls the expanded hemorrhoidal supporting tissue into the jaws of the stapler.

5) Then hemorrhoidal cushions are pulled back up into their normal position within the anal canal and stapler is ejected.

6) Finally, stapler cuts off the circumferential ring of expanded hemorrhoidal tissue which is trapped within the stapler and at the same time staples together the upper and lower edges of the cut tissue.

7) Stapler Piles Surgery also disconnects blood supply to the haemorrhoids causing them to shrink.

Benefits of Stapler Piles Surgery

Stapler Piles Surgery is the advanced surgical process and it has many benefits than traditional piles surgery such as

  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Smaller incisions
  • Highest accuracy

Stapler Piles Surgery does not have any severe complications as compared to other traditional surgery. Hence it is widely used by many Gastroenterologists. Many patients experience improved quality of life after the Stapler Piles Surgery. Patients should strictly follow doctor’s instructions to avoid complications after going home.

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