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Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal - Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic Surgery in Pune

What is the gallbladder ?

Your gallbladder is a small organ in your upper abdomen. The abdomen is the area in the middle of your body that holds many organs, including the stomach and gallbladder.

What Causes Gallbladder Problems ?

Gallstones are often the cause. These small, hard deposits form in the gallbladder. They can also get into the bile duct, which connects the gallbladder with your intestines.

You are more likely to get gallstones if you :

  • Are a woman
  • Have had children
  • Are overweight
  • Are over 40

You might also get gallstones if other people in your family had them. Doctors do not have a consistent way of preventing gallstones.

Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems

Symptoms can include :

  • Sharp pain in your abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Fever
  • Yellow skin – Jaundice is the medical term for skin and eyes that look yellow. You might get jaundice if gallstones block your bile duct.

Treatment :

Surgery :

Taking the gallbladder out – cholecystectomy is usually the best way to treat gallbladder problems.

Non surgical modality :

changing dieteating less fat can help. But gallstones rarely go away on their own. Medicines to melt away (dissolve) stones and empty gall stones. Unfortunately, these do not usually work well.


Your doctor will probably order a test called an ultrasound. It shows the inside of the body using sound waves. You are awake during the test, and it does not hurt. If you need more tests, you might have a CT scan or a test called a HIDA scan. The HIDA scan uses an injection of dye to show how well your gallbladder and bile duct are working.

Advantages of laparoscopic cholecysteomy

  • Smaller incision
  • Less pain than after open surgery.
  • Quicker recovery than open surgery – You might go home the same day you have your surgery. You can also go back to regular activities more quickly.

If Untreated Gall Stones - Risks

Small stone may come down from gall bladder and block bile duct This can lead to serious complications like Obstructive jaundice , pancreatitis Surgery becomes only options available but risk of morbidity and mortality increases in complicated case.

Obstructed stone in bile duct – removed by ERCP, bile duct stenting is done. The procedure is followed by removal of gall bladder once patient is stabilized.

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